Innovative CRF batch plant design at the Leeville Mine, Nevada

9th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill
Dennis Arbour,
Abstract Optimized mine planning of the Leeville Gold Mine, Nevada, necessitated the requirement for some 2800 tpd of high quality cemented rockfill (CRF) in primary stoping blocks. To meet this requirement, a number of innovative design features were incorporated into the overall batching plant design. Foremost is the use of a dedicated skip to transfer aggregate from surface down through the ventilation shaft to twin underground storage silos. Also, the use of a high shear colloidal mixer on surface to pre-slurry a cement/flyash binder with pipeline delivery to one of two separate underground CRF mixing stations presented some interesting technical challenges. Finally, the binder and aggregate are combined in a 9 yd3 compulsory type mixer before loading into 21 and/or 30 ton teleram trucks for placement. Design rationale and technical details will be discussed further.
Keywords: Rockfill, Cement, mixer, Binder, batch, colloidal, CRF, Slurry, Aggregate, flyash
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