Effect of Overlaying load on Exposed Backfill Block in Underground Mines

9th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill
Nanthananthan Nadarajah, Zou Steve,
Abstract Mine backfill has been widely used as a means of ground support. While proper design of backfill is important to ensure ground stability, understanding the failure mechanism and the various influencing factors in a filled block is essential. This paper presents a modified sliding failure model of a confined backfill block. The model considers both the gravity of the backfill itself and the overlying load from fragmented ore or backfill on the top. A series of new equations were derived and the relationships between factors such as: Factor of safety, Friction angle, Cohesion and the Exposed stope height were developed. This modified model will be a very useful tool in backfill design, for example, to optimize the design of backfill for a given stope geometry or to determine the maximum backfill height for a particular type of backfill.
Keywords: backfil, Underground mining, analytical model, cohesion, confined, friction angle, optimizing, overlying load, Factor of safety
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