Design of Hydraulic Backfill Bulkheads at South Deep Gold Mine

9th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill
Stefan Nortje, Adriaan Mentjies, William Joughin, Sandor Petho,
Abstract At South Deep Gold Mine longhole stopes will be backfilled using cemented cyclone classified tailings in its hydraulic state. The need to contain the hydraulic fill until it has hardened requires a barricade. Due to the massive size of the stopes, the tailings can exert enormous forces on any such barricade. Barricades have long been in use, but recent failures in Australia and the large rate of filling required at South Deep solicited a robust design. A robust design must examine all foreseeable failures and the barricade must be able to resist all expected and, within limits, unexpected loads. The design should also be simple to construct and cost effective, limiting the impact of construction errors and delays to production.
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