New National Uranium Project in Canada

CIM Vancouver 2006
Abstract Due to increased pressure on energy supplies, the Geological Survey of Canada under Earth Sciences Sector (ESS) has instituted a new “Uranium Resources in Canada” project. Planning includes stakeholder consultations and a review of uranium knowledge and potential. A national digital database will be upgraded. Resource assessment methodology will be revised and refined to include uncertainty measures, compliant in terminology with international standards. Fieldwork will be designed to reduce uncertainties in known and frontier areas. World uranium resources are contained mainly in the unconformity-associated, Olympic Dam and sandstone types among the 14 deposit types defined by the International Atomic Energy Agency. In Canada there is potential for unconformity-associated deposits in Mesoproterozoic basins other than the Athabasca. The lone Olympic Dam deposit of Australia contains ~31% of world resources as a secondary component of an iron oxide-copper-gold bearing volcano-plutonic breccia complex with analogues in several Canadian environments. Sandstone hosted deposits (>30% of world resources) are mostly in Kazakhstan, Niger and USA, with high potential in Asia and intriguing potential in Appalachian basins and western to northern Canada. A range of volcanic associated deposit settings (e.g. Streltskova in Russia and Makkovik Belt in Labrador) are gaining attention.
Acknowledgments. The review of unconformity-associated deposits is co-authored with D.J. Thomas, S.S. Gandhi, P. Ramaekers, G. Delaney, D. Brisbin, C. Cutts, P. Portella and R.A. Olson. The new uranium project will involve these and numerous other stakeholders across Canada, under the Secure Canadian Energy Supply Program of ESS.
Keywords: Uranium, Dominion Uranium, Kerksdorp Area, Republic of South Africa
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