Hoist Rope Inspection Automation

CIM Vancouver 2006
Brian Delaney,
Abstract Regulations in Canada and many other jurisdictions require mine operators to inspect hoist ropes every day. As men are near the rope during inspection, no muck can be hoisted. Manual visual rope inspection is a time consuming, boring job and inspectors can easily miss defects.

This paper describes results of the recently completed Hoist Rope Inspection Automation (HRIA) research project. HRIA, with 360° rope coverage, automatically detected broken wires and simulated bird cages at 13.5 m/sec (2660 ft/min).

HRIA will help free up daily shaft time to potentially increase revenue or allow additional maintenance activates.
Keywords: Visual inspection, increased worker safety, broken wires, hoisting regulations, increased shaft capaciy, bird cages and kinks, Hoisting, rope defect detection, manual rope inspection, inspecting while mucking
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