Evaluating decision-focused stakeholder consultation at Ekati Diamond Mine

CIM Vancouver 2006
Abstract The Ekati Diamond Mine in northern Canada recently used a decision analysis process called Multiple Accounts Analysis (MAA) as a framework for consulting with its stakeholders regarding the optimization of their process kimberlite management system. Decision analysis provides a robust process and analytical tools for making complex decisions in consultation with stakeholders. This approach holds great promise for multi-stakeholder decision-making and is well suited for dealing with the different values that various stakeholders bring to the table. However, it has not been used extensively, particularly in the mining industry, and its few applications have not been systematically evaluated.

A research project was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of decision analysis in consultation at Ekati from the perspective of the MAA participants, which included Ekati staff, consultants, regulators and Aboriginal community representatives. Results of this study and recommendations for future practice will be presented.
Keywords: consultation, decision-making, Tailings
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