Digital photogrammetry for slope monitoring

CIM Vancouver 2006
Lingen Jiang, Jovan Radmanovic,
Abstract Conventional slope monitoring methods such as surveying, slope inclinometers and extensometers involve “point measurements” of ground movement. Instability monitoring may be hindered by low point density and lack of spatial distribution of displacement measurements. Digital photogrammetry allows rapid, remote measurement of millions of points, thus providing an unprecedented amount of spatial information. Research is being conducted to explore monitoring of potentially unstable slopes, such as open pit walls and waste dumps, using digital photogrammetry. The performance, accuracy and operational ease of displacement monitoring using digital photogrammetry are discussed and practical aspects of conducting digital photogrammetry surveys are reviewed. Case histories from a coal mine and a diamond mine are presented.
Keywords: Slope stability, Engineering geology, Slope monitoring, photogrammetry, Mapping
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