Diagnostic Characteristics of IOCG Deposits and IOCG-Prospective Terranes

CIM Vancouver 2006
Abstract Iron oxide-copper-gold ("IOCG") deposits are classified empirically without reference to tectonic setting or geological environment. They are products of major thermal events manifested by batholith-scale magmatism and/or regional metamorphism. Definitive examples occur in terranes with regionally-extensive sodium metasomatism and iron oxides that are variously distributed amongst both barren and mineralized areas. Mineralized areas are typically characterized by distinct potassic alteration including both high temperature (e.g. biotite-K feldspar-magnetite) and low temperature (e.g. seriite-chlorite-carbonate) varieties. IOCG deposits formed in diverse geological settings characterized by varying host rock composition, metamorphic grade, conditions of mineralization, and physical property distributions.
Keywords: Australia, IOCG, Hydrothermal alteration, Exploration, Gold, Copper, Geology
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