Developing Canada's North: the New Challenge

CIM Vancouver 2006
Stephen Morison, Kirk Cameron,
Abstract Canada’s north is entering a new era of prosperity. The success of the new diamond industry is transforming the economy in the Northwest Territories. Efforts are now underway to tap into the rich oil and gas fields and numerous mineral deposits found throughout the north. Northern governments are grappling to respond to infrastructure requirements that support development, including two proposals for gas pipelines, a railway, and numerous mining projects.

This prosperity is coming at a time of rapid political evolution. First Nations land claims are being settled at an accelerated rate. These agreements establish new orders of government with additional resource management responsibilities throughout the north. Yukon has recently assumed new responsibilities for resource management from the federal government. The Northwest Territories is entering a new era of prosperity from an emerging diamond industry and the new territory of Nunavut seeks to define its role within Canada’s federation.

Natural resource projects are developed in the context of a complex weave of legislation (much of which is new) and an array of social expectations. Understanding this political and social context and the environmental issues unique to the north is essential to successfully advancing a major project.

This presentation will review the evolving political and social structures in the north, the implications northern development and offer a template for success in responding to the new challenge of advancing a northern project.
Keywords: NORTHERN, TEMPLATE, Structure, POLITICAL, New, CHALLENGE, social
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