Westport Innovations - LNG Fuelling for Mine Trucks

CIM Vancouver 2006
Brad Melanson,
Abstract Because mine haul trucks consume considerable quantities of fuel, they are ideal candidates for the adoption of cleaner and cheaper fuels like natural gas. Impressive fuel cost savings will be realized in regions where liquefied natural gas (LNG) has cost advantage to diesel fuel, while also providing significant reductions of air contaminants and greenhouse gases. High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) of natural gas utilizes the diesel cycle combustion process and therefore retains the diesel engine’s high performance and efficiency characteristics. HPDI has been demonstrated in on-road Class 8 trucks since 2001 accumulating almost 10 million kilometres to date. The supply of LNG fuel will be an essential parallel aspect in the introduction of HPDI to mining. LNG can be transported to site as diesel is today, or may be produced on or near mine operations that have access to methane sources or pipelines.
Keywords: Natural gas, high horse power, Emissions, Kyoto, Environment, Power, compressed natural gas, particulate matter, liquified natural gas, Environmental
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