The Jericho Diamond Mine, Nunavut, Canada's Third Diamond Mine

CIM Vancouver 2006
Abstract Tahera Diamond Corporation has just completed the construction and commissioning of its wholly owned Jericho Diamond Project. As Nunavut’s first new mine and the Company’s first venture into diamond production, significant logistical and financial challenges needed to be met in order for the project to be developed. The opening of Jericho marks the beginning of a new era of mine development in Nunavut, one which will see advances in mining technology, as well as, significant contributions by Inuit and Inuit Businesses. Through its small scale open pit mining operation, Tahera will recover more than 3 million carats of diamonds over a projected 8 year mine life. This modest and efficient operation marks the beginning of small scale diamond mining in Canada’s North. All diamonds recovered from Jericho will be purchased through a marketing agreement with Tiffany & Co.
Keywords: Diamonds, Open pit mining
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