Advancing Sudbury Exploration with 3D Modelling

CIM Vancouver 2006
Abstract From the creation of detailed geological models to complex data integration and query operations, 3D modelling has helped to advance exploration in the Sudbury Basin.

The value of data visualization and data integration operations in exploration can be demonstrated from a review of Sudbury Basin Geology and exploration applications utilizing the Falconbridge Gocad 3D Basin model. In addition, advanced multivariate query operations can be performed within a 3D model that utilizes the tool to its fullest potential. Queries in the 3D environment have the power to identify exploration targets and highlight additional volumes of ground warranting further investigation.

3D modelling has proven to be a valuable tool that explorationists have added to their toolbox in Sudbury and around the world.
Keywords: Nickel, Sudbury, 3D- Modeling
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