World Class Remote Control Systems

Mining Rocks! CIM Toronto 2005
Joseph Sawicz,
Abstract By now, the concept of remotely controlling heavy equipment in underground mines has become commonplace. Personnel safety is the biggest justifier for remote control, followed by an inherent cost saving (in certain cases) when wireless video is added to the mix. There are a handful of vendors targeting this need, and for years the mines have remained loyal to their brand.

But as the number of remote-control related accidents and maintenance costs increase it forces our industry to take another look at this commonplace concept. And as the blinders are taken off, the mines are getting the revelation that not all remote control systems were created equally.

This paper highlights the differences between various remote control systems, and then moves into an in-depth look at HARD-LINE’s package which drastically cuts maintenance costs, and also provides a solid investment toward full Tele-operation.
Keywords: Remote, Tele-remote, Machine, Radio, Equipment, Tele-operation, Video, Real-time, Network, Control
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