Design Spans - Underhand Cut and Fill Mining

Mining Rocks! CIM Toronto 2005
Mario Morin, Tom Brady, Mary MacLaughlin, Kathryn Clapp, Cristian Caceres,
Abstract The paper describes a focus of work presently being conducted at the Rock Mechanics Research Group at the University of British Columbia. The underhand method ensures a high recovery under an engineered back(sill mat) that is comprised of cemented rock fill and/or cemented paste fill. This method of mining is necessary either due to a weak rock mass comprising the immediate back and/or high induced back stresses. A major concern in the design of sill mats is the loading and strengths associated with the overlying mat. This paper reviews past practice coupled with present observations and measurements from over ten(10) mines throughout North America.
Keywords: Rock mechanics, Underhand Mining, Underground, Strength, empirical, Design, Paste fill, Cemented rock fill, span
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