Aber Diamond Corporation - Charting its own unique course in response to its unique position

Mining Rocks! CIM Toronto 2005
Abstract The diamond industry is changing. Once dominated by a single player and a controlled supply environment, the market is now driven by a demand for gem quality stones that exceeds available supply. In this changed marketplace, Aber has charted its own unique course in response to its unique position as the recipient of a long-term supply of high-quality diamonds from its minority, non-operating participation in a premium diamond deposit, The Diavik Mine.

In the process of evaluating strategic options such as outside exploration, commodity diversification, or conventional vertical integration, Aber chose to remain focused on the diamond industry through selective investments in high-quality components of the most profitable industry segments being mining and retailing. Aber owns a 40% interest in the Diavik Diamond Mine as well as a controlling 51% interest in the premium diamond jewelry retailer, Harry Winston. This strategy, which links premium mine production to a premium diamond jewelry brand, exploits synergies not otherwise available to the individual businesses.

Keywords: Aber, Diamonds
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