Production Control for Underground Mining

CIM Edmonton 2004
Walter Siggelkow,
Abstract For years the underground mining industry has operated with an internal disjoint: There’s the management, logistics, and accounting unit, and then there’s the production unit (the actual mine itself). Due largely to the lack of accurate, modern production monitoring and control applications these two “business units” have had limited access to each other. The management team makes forecasting decisions, budgetary planning, and capacity planning based on what they “see” happening in their mine. It stands to reason, then, that their decisions and schedules are only as good as the limited information used to make them.

Our underground mines are operating with tremendous inefficiencies due to this lack of accurate, real-time information. But times are changing.

Introducing the “Mine Area Network” line of products from HLS HARD-LINE Solutions Inc. HLS has researched and developed a hybrid hardware/software portfolio geared toward the capture, analysis, and reconciliation of this crucial production information. Designed to give you a window into your operation, HARD-LINE’s open, and customizable applications give you tremendous flexibility and instant access to your mine’s operations and maintenance data, at an extremely affordable price.
Keywords: Reporting, reconciliation, Dispatch, Tracking, working-alone, Capacity, Production, Maintenance, Planning, Underground
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