Northern Resource Development - Responding to the Challenge

CIM Edmonton 2004
Abstract For over 100 years, natural resource development has contributed to developing Canada’s last frontier. Innovation in facing northern realities has led to world class mines and mining expertise. We continue to benefit from an exciting new diamond industry, as well as the expanded potential of oil and gas development with the filing of a proposal for the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline Project.

While achieving great strides in sustainable economic development, we are firmly committed to protecting the northern environment. We continue to reclaim abandoned mines and implementing protected areas strategies. Claim settlements and self-government agreements, have increased the role for Aboriginal people and other Northerners in mineral and petroleum development and have facilitated devolution of resource management to territorial governments and increased local decision-making.

This presentation reviews the important contribution of resource development to the northern economy and its future prospects. It explores the impacts of a rapidly changing northern operating environment and the federal government’s response to these challenges. Finally, it describes new government/industry partnerships, like the Northern Mines Ministers’ Conference and the Industry-Government Overview Committee, to better serve industry and those in the North poised to implement and benefit from responsible resource development.
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