No Name Creek Sedimentation Pond – Construction on the Rock Drain Extension

CIM Edmonton 2004
Chris Guiver, Mike Thompson,
Abstract The Line Creek Coal Mine began operation in 1982. By 1994 No Name Creek needed to be diverted to protect the stability of the pit wall of the soon to be developed MSA West Pit. The sedimentation pond for the creek was also to be replaced as the original pond was soon to be buried and disturbance in the upstream watershed of No Name Creek was to continue (flows are treated to reduce total suspended sediment before discharge to Line Creek). A 1,160m long culvert diversion was constructed within the No Name Creek Valley to convey the creek flow to the new sedimentation pond constructed on top of the Rock Drain Extension in the Line Creek Valley. The culvert and pond were designed to convey and treat the 1 in 10 year peak instantaneous flow from No Name Creek. The 2.3m deep by 22,500m2 pond was constructed on top of the 30m high Rock Drain Extension that had just been constructed the previous year. The design team had to contend with the challenges of building a water retaining structure on rockfill, a foundation of very coarse material that was expected to settle during the early life of the structure.
Keywords: Coal, Sedimentation, Rockfill, Construction, diversion, pond, Settlement
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