Mining Communications – another perspective II

CIM Edmonton 2004
Abstract The Mining industry faces many challenges, one of which is the demand to communicate over a variety of media, be it visual, sound, voice, data or any combination. Over the years multiple infrastructures have been put in place to overcome environmental obstacles and address these communication needs.
A mine is an aggressive environment for electronic equipment and as such only the best quality equipment can perform under those special conditions of e.g. temperature, dust and humidity.

Siemens Canada and its partner LComm will discuss a mining solution using a unique combination of technologies based on fibre optics, standard communication interfaces, passive antenna infrastructure and wireless services.

The presentation looks at maximizing the use of infrastructure, reducing costs, addressing difficulty of communications coverage above and below the surface and the capability to future proof the capital investment as new requirements and applications are identified.

Discussion will address: Wireless voice, high speed data Data acquisition for process control from sensors Video for remote control and security Miner safety and location Timely receipt of large volumes of information.

LComm Inc. is a North American Wireless Infrastructure company that guarantees 100% coverage for WI-FI as well as all other wireless frequencies. LComm provides a unique protection that future-proofs the wireless workplace, shielding it changes in wireless technology,

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