Mine Waste Management Planning for an Arctic Environment

CIM Edmonton 2004
William J. Purdy, Terry L. Eldridge, Andy J. Haynes, John McConnell,
Abstract Successful design, operation and completion of a surface waste management facility for a diamond mine located in Canada’s northern environment requires careful planning to minimize short and long term environmental impacts. As part of the mine development application process, best practice standards were applied using conventional engineering to reduce the environmental effects of the waste management plan. This paper presents the design criteria, site description, investigation results, material characteristics and engineering management objectives considered for optimization of the development plan. Insight into the engineering analyses, development alternatives, monitoring program and reclamation strategy plan to be undertaken during mine operations to provide opportunity for adaptive management and to minimize environmental impacts are provided.
Keywords: Diamonds, Waste management, Permafrost, thermal, containment, Stability, Kimberlite, Seepage, geotechnical, Reclamation
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