Laminated Displacement Discontinuity Analyses for Estimating Stresses, Strain, Convergence and Subsidence During the Recovery of Safety Pillar at Soma Coal Field-Western TURKEY

CIM Edmonton 2004
Keith Heasley, Chris Mark, Halil Kose,
Abstract In Turkey, the increasing demand for lignite has necessitated an increased emphasis on both lignite production and recovery. This emphasis has resulted in a gradual increase in the application of the retreat longwall mining method for both its product recovery and productivity benefits. Also, in order to maximize the recovery of the natural resources and to increase total production, it is necessary to take advantage of underground reserve before abandoning the mine. This means that at the end of the life of the mine, the main drift safety pillar and the shaft pillar will generally be extracted. This investigation a preliminary study of the stability of the main drift and the shaft at the Hustas Mine as the safety pillars are extracted.
In this study, field surveys belonging to the underground colliery of Hustas Co. in Soma have been investigated with the help of LAMODEL working under the Laminated Displacement Discontinuity principle for the models calibrated as a results of physical model and finite element analyses. The convenience of Laminated Displacement Discontinuity Analysis has been researched in such studies. The results out of the models have been coherent with the previous studies.
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