High Chromium White Irons for Slurry Pump Service in Mineral Processing

CIM Edmonton 2004
Kevin Dolman,
Abstract High chromium white irons can be formulated to provide required combinations of abrasion and erosion wear resistance, toughness and capability to withstand corrosion attack. As a consequence, they are used widely in casting form throughout the mining/mineral processing industry, particularly as mill and crusher liners, laminated wear plates in chutes and hoppers and in components for slurry pumps, valves, nozzles and cyclones.
Cast chromium and chromium molybdenum white irons for wear applications are covered in ASTM A532 Classes 11 and 111 and are also available as comparable proprietary alloys. They rely on heat treated, hypoeutectic microstructures containing a high volume fraction of very hard eutectic/ secondary metal carbides and martensite to provide wear resistance. The ability to increase the carbide volume fraction and hence achieve higher wear resistance, has been limited because of severe casting difficulties encountered when carbon and chromium contents are raised and hypereutectic alloys with structures also containing coarse acicular primary metal carbides are produced.
The limitation has been overcome and cast hypereutectic chromium white iron pump components have established themselves in a wide variety of mineral processing service applications. Comparisons will be made between the microstructures and wear test performance data for the various alloy types and details will be provided of the service performance improvements that have been achieved through the use of hypereutectic chromium white irons.
Keywords: Wear, Castings, Chromium white iron, Abrasion, Erosion, Pumps, Hypoeutectic, Hypereutectic, Slurry, Carbide
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