Global Requisitioning Suite (GRS)

CIM Edmonton 2004
Kevin R. Bell,
Abstract Global Requisitioning Suite (GRS) is a comprehensive solution for integration between Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). GRS manages to synchronize data in IETM and ERP, simplifies the search, select and requisition process, and reduces the amount of time required in ERP training.

GRS has four closely related components.

IETM export from ERP, automate the creation of multiple IETM from ERP.

Selection List Processor (SLP), access real-time dynamic data such as stock-on-hand and price from ERP.

ERP import from vendor data, mirror vendor data changes in your ERP.

Search / Select / Requisition, give all your staff a single access point to finding parts, locating them in the warehouse and ordering without training in ERP.
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