Gasification in the World and Why it is a Good Fit in Alberta - Dr. Pieter van Nierop, Alberta Research Council

CIM Edmonton 2004
Abstract Gasification technology can be utilized to convert carbonaceous feed material into a synthesis gas (syngas). The syngas consist mainly of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which in turn may be converted into other useful products by various gas conversion technologies.
The last decade has seen renewed interest in gasification technology. This is mainly due to the emergence of electricity generation utilizing gasification technology as well as the gasification of heavy oil residues from refineries. Canada has one of the world’s largest resources of hydrocarbons and oil exports may increase significantly in the future, relying heavily on the oil sands industry.

The oil sands and other industries can potentially benefit from gasification technology to supply hydrogen and steam, while adding value to heavy coke residue currently been stockpiled and in the process free up valuable natural gas reserves for other applications. The challenge and opportunity in the development of this technology for Western Canada lies in the integration and selective development of gasification and related technologies to utilize resources such as coke residue, coal and other carbon containing material as feed to produce products such as hydrogen, fuels, chemicals CO2 for ECBM and EOR, steam and electricity, thereby creating an integrated value addition complex with gasification as a key technology.

This presentation will give an overview of various gasification technologies currently employed or being developed globally as well as the potential applicability thereof in Canada.
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