Full Mapping Coherent Balances for Oil Sand Circuits

CIM Edmonton 2004
Diego Romero, Jianmin Kan,
Abstract In order to determine the recovery functions in an oil sand circuit it is necessary to have more than a minimal determination the mass flows in the network. This over-determination is essential in order to allow for measurements within the flow matrix "to flex" according to an error function. It is then possible to identify the flows and composition at all points with maximum likelihood.

These so-called full mappings are not easily obtained. However, in order to obtain an unequivocal determination of all the unit operations recoveries such a balance is needed. When databases are constructed exclusively with coherently balanced sets of data it is possible to obtain a maximally accurate process model. Indeed, it is doubtful in cases of normal complexity that any sense can be made of data that is not so balanced.

Coherent mass energy balancing is a tool developed by mineral processing scientists and engineers. Its rigorous application in oil sands is the subject of this paper. The additional element associated with hydrocarbon requires special considerations. However, it is shown that currently available mineral processing tools will solve the full-mapping problem for an oil sand operation subject to certain experimental design constraints.
Keywords: Oil, Coherent, Balancing, Mass-Energy, Sand
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