Effect of environmental conditions and rock properties on adhesive bond of thin spray-on liners

CIM Edmonton 2004
Hasan Ozturk, Dwayne D. Tannant,
Abstract Laboratory testing was conducted to examine the effect of a variety of intrinsic rock properties and environment conditions that influence the adhesive bond between rock and thin spray-on liners. The liner materials used for these tests were Tekflex, provided by FosRoc, Castonite provided by Rohms and Haas Co., and RockWeb. Some of the variables examined include: rock strength (tensile/compressive strength) rock mineralogy, rock surface roughness (grain size, fracture/joint roughness), and surface contamination (oil, water or dust). Under optimal conditions, adhesive strengths reaching at least 4 MPa can be achieved. Where the rock surface is contaminated with dust or the rock is weak in tension, it may be difficult to reach adhesion of 1 to 1.5 MPa.
Keywords: Pull out test, Adhesion, spray-on liner
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