CIM Edmonton 2004
Cameron Clayton, John Cunning, Don Hickson, Andy Haynes, Brad Thiele,
Abstract Cumberland Resources Ltd. is currently evaluating the feasibility of developing the Meadowbank Gold Project located in the eastern Canadian Arctic region some 70 km north of Baker Lake in Nunavut. The Meadowbank Gold Project currently consists of 4 main gold bearing deposits within reasonably close proximity to one another which are planned to be mined primarily as a truck and shovel open pit operation and using conventional gold milling and extraction. The current mining plan indicates that approximately 20 million tonnes of ore will be mined over a mine life of 10 years. The operation will generate approximately 160 million tonnes of mine waste rock and about 20 million tonnes of tailings.
The site is located in an area of continuous permafrost with mean annual average air temperature of -11 °C and low annual precipitation. Lakes cover a large portion of the site, including some of the ore deposits,
The location of the site, and the physical environment, pose extreme challenges to development. This paper presents some of the design considerations for the feasibility engineering studies, and some of the solutions that have been developed to allow mining of the open pits, and to allow the development of feasible tailings and waste rock management plans.
Keywords: Waste management, arctic region, Meadowbank Gold Project
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