CIM Edmonton 2004
Paul Germain, John Hadjigeorgiou,
Abstract F. Charette, M.Sc. P. Eng., Atlas Copco Rock Reinforcement RDE
P. Germain, M.Sc. P. Eng., Atlas Copco Rock Reinforcement CMT Canada
J. Hadjigeorgiou, Ph.D. P.Eng. Laval University

The paper reviews recent work and data on corrosion of plain and coated Swellex bolts. Possible and observed fracture mechanisms are addressed and documented. Ductile failure, characterized by considerable plastic deformation prior to and during crack propagation, as well as brittle failure, characterized by rapid crack propagation are discussed. Laboratory analysis of failed friction bolts are presented and put in relation with field conditions. Results of field tension testing are presented and discussed with the perspective of predicting life span. Mining conditions are compared with other industrial environments and existing prediction methods are used to analyze field conditions. Furthermore, following the development of a new generation of coated rockbolts, laboratory corrosion analysis were performed on plain and coated Swellex bolts in order to assess the increased lifespan in typical mining environments. Laboratory analysis was performed using samples from Canadian metal mines and water conditions were adjusted as to duplicate field conditions.
Keywords: Corrosion, Rock bolt, Atlas Copco, Rock support, Swellex, coating
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