The Nanuq Diamond Project, Rae Domain, Western Churchill Province, Nunavut

CIM Edmonton 2004
Abstract Dunsmuir Ventures’ Nanuq diamond project occurs at the intersection of the Wager Bay shear zone with the Keewatin Arch, a major long-lived crustal uplift. The newly discovered diamondiferous kimberlites at Rankin Inlet and Melville Peninsula also occur along this arch.

Kimberlite indicator mineral (KIM) sampling has outlined a distinct KIM train more than 35 km long and 6 km wide, with anomalous concentrations of KIMs in other areas of the property. Geomorphological studies, boulder displacements and dispersion of magnetite in tills suggest that glacial transport distances were on the order of 4 to 6 kms only. The presence of multiple sources within the main Nanuq indicator train would account for its length and breadth.

Pyrope garnets (G9’s and G10’s), diamond inclusion field (DI) eclogitic garnets and DI chromites were confirmed by microprobe analyses. Clinopyroxene thermobarometry indicates a cool geotherm, approximately 35 mW/m2, and that mantle within the diamond stability field was tapped.

An aeromagnetic survey has identified a number of anomalies. Those with down ice KIM support will have ground geophysical follow-up and will be tested in a spring 2004 drill program. Dunsmuir is optimistic that this will lead to the discovery of a new kimberlite cluster on the Nanuq property.
Keywords: Kimberlite, clinopyroxene thermobarometry, glacial dispersion, diamond-inclusion eclogitic garnets, diamond exploration, kimberlite indicator minerals, pyrope garnets
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