The Application and Benefits of GPS-Based Bucket Positioning and Production Reporting on Draglines.

CIM Edmonton 2004
Carl Hendricks,
Abstract This paper describes the design, development and user benefits of Aquila's dragline guidance system, which incorporates 3D GPS-based bucket positioning and comprehensive production monitoring. Aquila prototyped its first GPS guidance systems for drills in 1993 at the Gregg River Mine and since then along with its parent company, Caterpillar, have delivered hundreds of GPS guidance systems for drills, dozers, loading and support equipment of almost every major type seen in mining. A notable exception however, has been dragline's, which despite their greater reliance on careful design and survey support to ensure optimal productivity had previously not attracted a GPS solution from the suppliers of traditional dragline production monitoring systems. Combining precise, real-time bucket positions with the detailed production cycle data and load weights - being provided through a partnership with Drives and Controls Services (DCS), has resulted in a more meaningful production tool that allows complex designs to be precisely communicated to the operators and the as-built results to be more accurately controlled.
Keywords: Production, Optimization, GPS, Guidance, Dragline
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