Accounting for Risks in Economic Evaluation of Gold Mining Projects in Ghana – A Case Study

CIM Edmonton 2004
D. Mireku-Gyimah,
Abstract This paper studies two methods that account for risks associated with gold mining projects such as mineral risks and country risks. The first method is sensitivity analysis, which investigates the effects of a change in any economic parameter such as operating cost, capital investment, gold price or taxes on the viability of the project. The second method is Monte Carlo Simulation technique, which takes into consideration the simultaneous random variation of the economic parameters on the project's viability.

An automated simulation cash flow model incorporating the Ghanaian investment laws has been developed as part of this paper. Sensitivity analysis and the simulation model have been used to investigate the economic viability of the Dokrupe Gold Project (DGP) serving as a test case.

It is concluded that, the Monte Carlo Simulation technique gives a more realistic judgement of the economic viability of gold mining projects.
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