Project for 4-A Vein Exploitation, Huantajalla Mine, using Longhole Drillings as a new method of mining at the Uchucchacua Mining District

Abstract The Huantajalla mine is seated on Uchucchacua ‘s Mining District that is the fourth producer of Silver in the world. The UTM coordinates which is located Huantajalla mine is East: 317,500 and North: 8’824,000 .
Huantajalla mine is a new mine that nowadays is being explored and recently it has began to operate.
The project for 4-A vein exploitation in Huantajalla Mine using Longhole drillings as a new method of mining is developed by Planning Department of Uchucchacua Mine in coordination with Geology Department of this mine, started in June 2004.
This project is funded by Company of Mines Buenaventura S.A.A

In July 2002, Geology Department started the exploration on the area of Huantajalla Mine, discovering the 4-A vein. The reconnaissance and definition of the vein finished June 2003, finding 79,080 Ton of mineral of Silver with a grade of 20.34 Oz Ag/ton and a thickness of 1.85 meters ( 6 feet ).
The goals of the project are : to reduce the cost of exploitation and increase the volume of broken mineral for each blasting that support an increasing of the daily production.
Using the longhole method on the vein exploitation will replace the cut and fill and shrinkage methods, and it will keep a dilution of 15%.

To develop the project , we count with geological information that we have used to model the vein in 3-D and to make an detailed geostatistical and geomechanical study and an metallurgical and petromineralogical study that, after an economical analysis of the preparation and exploitation of the mineral, determined the profitability of this project
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