Early Re-Entry into Working Faces in Mines Through Modern Shotcrete Technology

CIM Montreal 2003
Ross Dimmock, Michael Rispin, Brad Knight,
Abstract The productivity of a mine has the same goals as the quest to complete a tunnel project both safely and expeditiously. A key aspect to achieving this goal is to excavate and support the development working face as quickly as possible, allowing early re-entry to safely start construction of the next advance. As with tunnels, the use of high performance wet-mix sprayed concrete (shotcrete) has dramatically increased in mines over the last few years, and year over year has seen a step-wise increase in shotcrete performance, particularly in the first few hours after placement. Shotcrete early age strength development clearly offers mining operations enormous advantages by allowing early, safe re-entry to the heading. This paper illustrates that in the hard rock tunneling and mining field, modern shotcrete approaches do not cause delays in re-entry, but rather allow a continuous construction development cycle. Furthermore, the paper identifies the most suitable, up-to-date shotcrete admixture and equipment technology available to the mining community to permit early re-entry, without sacrificing the long term performance of the installation.
Keywords: Shotcrete, early strengths, admixtures, Equipment, development cycle, Productivity, early re-entry
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