CIM Montreal 2003
Ann Wilson,
Abstract Archean-aged, diamond-bearing, alkaline intrusive and extrusive metavolcanic rocks are the main focus of diamond exploration north of Wawa. These rocks are intercalated within a sequence of metamorphosed and tectonically deformed mafic to intermediate pillowed and tuffaceous rocks. Exploration has concentrated in the west-central portion of the Michipicoten greenstone belt where a recumbent nappe geographically delimits the diamond occurrences.
Few age dates have been reported for these diamond-bearing rocks. The Ontario Geological Survey (OGS) reports age dates of 2703+/-42 Ma at the Sandor Occurrence and 2674+/-8 Ma at the GQ Discovery site.
Diamond exploration targets in the Wawa area also include confirmed diamond-bearing kimberlite dikes and intrusions at the east end of the Michipicoten greenstone belt, as well as some potential kimberlite targets in the central part of the belt. Other confirmed kimberlites are associated with an alluvial diamond discovery and in the Missanabie - Dalton area. These kimberlite dikes all appear to be spatially related to the Kapuskasing Structural Zone. While no age dates are available for any of the diamond-bearing kimberlites, the OGS obtained a 207Pb/206Pb age of 1197+/-24 Ma for one kimberlite dike in the eastern part of the greenstone belt.
Keywords: Diamonds, Wawa, Archean-aged, Kimberlites
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