Design, Testing and Performance of the World’s First Fuelcell Mine Vehicle, a Mine Production Locomotive

CIM Montreal 2003
Gaetan Desrivieres, Pierre Laliberte, Jennifer Chan, Bill Replogle, Arnold Miller, Harry Bursey,
Abstract A mine production locomotive, the world’s first applied industrial fuelcell vehicle, has been designed and tested in the context of a number of proof-of-concept projects supported by the Fuelcell Propulsion Institute, an international consortium of stakeholders dedicated to facilitate the commercialization of fuelcell vehicles.

The locomotive’s simple electric-powered motor and controller system was ideal to study a number of requirements related to fuelcell power application: hydrogen power plant operation, underground hydrogen use risk and regulatory requirements, production performance versus the conventional battery-powered locomotive version under measured duty cycles and production requirements, power plant design improvements for other fuelcell vehicles, and cost-benefit aspects.

This presentation will focus on the design and testing aspects of this project which has led to a successful performance of the vehicle under surface and underground conditions at two mines, and the creation of a safe, reliable and efficient power plant which fulfills the advantages it was designed for, including better productivity versus the conventional battery-powered version.
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