Canada’s Unique Uranium Mining Industry

CIM Montreal 2003
Abstract A combination of global and local factors have made Saskatchewan the source of over a third of the world’s mined uranium and a secure supplier for decades to come.

Saskatchewan, the source of all of Canada’s present production, benefits from the world’s largest known high-grade uranium deposits as well as from a high level of public support and northern community involvement. This unique combination of geology and people is unrivalled anywhere else in the world.

The last two decades of the 20th Century saw Saskatchewan rise to prominence with its production facilities that were, at the time, deemed world class. With these mines at – or nearing – the end of their operation, we are now seeing new innovative and high-tech facilities that are positioning our industry to be a world leader.

Despite the need to survive current low market prices, uranium mining investments are based on long-term strategies. In these times of increasing regulatory and public scrutiny we must continue to earn the trust of our stakeholders by adopting the highest standards and staying on the leading edge of technical, social and environmental developments. Managing these issues is as important as traditional concerns of ore grade and cost of production.

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