Cambior - Human Resources for a global company - The Omai experience and beyond

CIM Montreal 2003
Abstract In order to assure success in the construction and operation of an overseas mine, a considerable amount of work must be done to prepare the future expatriate employees.

Before any serious recruiting can begin, certain structures must be put in place relating to compensation, a health and safety program, work schedules, emergency medical treatment and initial site facilities.

Expatriate employees are a special breed of people. Because of the nature of their work and the time spent away from their families, an employer must be conscious and sensitive to their various needs. The relocation of families is of course, a complex matter that requires special regard.

Experience has proven that money is not the only criteria that will induce an employee to remain with a company. Other factors play an important role in assuring their loyalty.

This presentation highlights Cambior’s initial approach in recruiting and retaining its international workforce and the importance of proper preparation and support needed to ensure a competent and stable workforce.
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