Assessment of LHD Operator Visibility and Posture Using a Computer Simulation Program

CIM Montreal 2003
Tammy Eger, A.W. Salmoni, Robert Whissell,
Abstract Visibility is restricted when operating load haul dump vehicles resulting in a number of serious accidents in the Ontario Mining Industry. One of the leading causes of these accidents is the inability of the equipment operator to see clearly people, objects or hazards around the machine. Previous line of sight testing by the research team found specific machine characteristics were responsible for blind spots and impaired visibility. In order to identify feasible design modifications a computer simulation program, Classic JACK 3.0, was utilized. Program features include human factors analysis, which allows evaluation of operator posture in order to decrease risk of musculoskeletal injury. Research within the virtual computer environment consisted of a Visibility Audit and a Target Audit. These were able to quantitatively determine how certain components of the LHD design affected the line of sight around the vehicle. Results indicate that modifying the LHD light brackets, engine profile, cab posts and other components will enhance visibility. The addition of cameras located on the front and rear of the vehicle were able to enhance the operator’s sight lines to previously obstructed areas. Modifications to seat height and the operators orientation both improved sightlines and decreased risk factors associated with back and neck musculoskeletal disorders.
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