Vertical Cutter Mining Technology

CIM Montreal 2003
Mervyn Hempenstall,
Abstract Nuna Logistics in partnership with Bauer Maschinen GmbH have developed a cutter mining technology ideally suited to vertical kimberlite deposits. The cutter system is based on proven technology in the foundations industry. This technology provides an alternative to underground mining methods.

The cutter machinery will be barge-mounted in the bottom of a completed pit. A dewatering plant will be installed near the base of the pit ramp. The water level in the pit will be raised 20 meters to 30 metres and will remain constant over the mining duration. The cutter will be lowered to mine 10 metre deep benches on a checkerboard pattern to an ultimate depth of 200 metres. The 125 mm cuttings will be pumped to the dewatering plant, dewatered, and transported to surface.
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