Truck Lift Technology

CIM Montreal 2003
Mervyn Hempenstall,
Abstract Nuna Logistics in partnership with Siemag GmbH have developed a truck lift system suited to deposits with high strip ratios. The concept had been advanced in the past as a means to reduce truck cycle times, however, vertical kimberlite deposits provide the added benefit of significant strip ratio reductions.

A multi-rope friction hoist will be mounted near the pit rim and a track system will be installed on the pit wall. A counterweight system will serve as a counterbalance for the truck. A drive-on, drive-off platform will shuttle the trucks to surface with a one-way hoist time of approximately 2 minutes at 300m depth. This compares to a one-way ramp time of 16 minutes. A service ramp may be substituted for the main haulage ramp resulting in a significant reduction in strip ratio.
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