The Renard diamondiferous kimberlitic bodies, Quebec

CIM Montreal 2003
Robert T Lucas,
Abstract Initial indicator mineral sampling covering 425,000 square km of northern Quebec lead the
Ashton – SOQUEM joint venture to acquire mineral rights to 380,000 hectares prospective
for diamond. Drilling in 2001 and 2002 identified eight kimberlitic bodies, all significantly
diamondiferous. Commercial-sized stones have been recovered; Renard 3, a diamond of
0.13 carats from 207 kg, Renard 5, a 0.92 carat stone from 508 kg and Renard 6 a stone of
0.26 carats from 609 kg, all with other smaller diamonds recovered from the same samples.
A mini-bulk sample from Renard 2 of 2.4 tonnes returned 1.7 carats of diamonds larger than
0.8 mm, which leads to an estimated diamond content of 69 carats per 100 tonnes.
Keywords: Diamond, Kimberlite
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