Stereo Imaging for Object Detection in Surface Mine Safety Applications

CIM Montreal 2003
Mark A Whitehorn, Christian Debrunner,
Abstract The goal of this project is to detect the presence of objects behind haul trucks and to provide an alarm to the driver if such objects are detected. Objects of interest include people, pickups, other equipment, and large rocks. Another goal is to see if the system can identify the existence of a berm and determine the distance from the truck to that berm, so a safe backup distance can be computed and used as a reference.

This paper presents results that demonstrate that such a system is feasible and includes results from work at a local quarry. Architecture of the system will be provided and the various subsystems are discussed. Details of the algorthims are included and discussion of the issues involved in developing a fieldable system are also included.
Keywords: Safety, Obstacle detection, Stereovision, Haul Trucks, Surface mining
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