Standardization of data formats for mining equipment in IREDES: Actual application experience and ongoing work

CIM Montreal 2003
Abstract Since late 2000, major global companies in the mining and equipment industry are working together in the IREDES initiative to create an international standard on data formats for unified information exchange between mining equipment and central computer systems.

During 2001, the first and largest profile for data exchange on drill rigs were agreed and tested in prototyping projects. Currently ongoing projects cover reporting information from LHD's and online networking formats for all kinds of IREDES compliant equipment.

The paper reports on the experience with drill rigs prototyping projects. It also gives an overview of the status of the ongoing work in the LHD reporting and networking.

The presentation potentially may also cover an on-line demonstration of an IREDES data exchange.
Keywords: Standardization, Automation, networking, LHD, Data Formats, IREDES
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