An investigation on the effect of feed size on Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex crushing unit efficiency

CIM Montreal 2003
Abstract In the daily operation of the Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex of Iran, about 40,000 ton of ore are excavated and processed (crushing, milling and flotation).

Because an important part of comminuting is carried out in the crushing unit, knowledge and considerarion of the parameters that affect the efficiency of the crushing unit could reduce operating costs and improve the tonnage processed. The project described is
consides one of the most important parameters on crushing efficiency, the feed size.

The aim of study on crushing unit efficiency was to determine the
effect of feed size variations on crusher unit capacity and product size quality (P80).

A suitable sampling method was developed to study the effect of feed size on product size during actual crushing operations. Six samples were taken from each of the feed and product streams. A screening analysis of these samples showed that the size of feed is less than
planned and the size of product is greater than planned. The feed size was shown to affect the product size and the working time of the crushing unit. The conclusion is that for cost reduction, adjusting feed and product size in the crushing sequence should depend on the planned material size.
Keywords: crusher efficiency, Particle size
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