Particle breakage kinetics in horizontal stirred mills

CIM Montreal 2003
Jian Yue, Bern Klein,
Abstract The particle breakage kinetics, product size and size distribution, as well as grinding limit for quartz suspensions in a horizontal stirred mill are investigated. Results of grinding studies on quartz suspensions in a horizontal stirred mill confirm “first-order” particle breakage rates. A comparison equation fits reveal that the product size distribution from stirred mill is best represented by the Rosin-Rammler equation when compared to the Gaudin-Shuhmann equation.

A method of determining breakage rates versus particle size is demonstrated which shows that the 10% top size fraction is most appropriate for the determination of specific breakage rates. The method is used to demonstrate the relationship between particle breakage rate and particle size. As the feed particle size becomes smaller, the size reduction ratio decreases and approaches a grinding limit at which increasing grinding time no longer results in further particle breakage.
Keywords: Grinding, Horizontal stirred mill, Particle Breakage, Kinetics
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