Overview on maintenance practices Louvicourt Mine

CIM Montreal 2003
Abstract The aims of the presentation are to show an efficient maintenance program in a modern mine based on a simple, logical and practical approach in the management of maintenance programs, action plans and planning methods.

It shows how Mine Louvicourt, in operation since 1994 using modern underground equipment, reached higher efficiencies with a common sense approach. New technologies, combined with well-trained and highly motivated personnel, have contributed to the low operating costs and high availabilities of both fixed and mobile equipment.

The application of the concept of "continuous improvement" in their operations, and the results after 8 years of implementation will be discussed. How low costs and high availabilities can be prolonged will be described with examples such as scoop trams with 25,000 hours without major overhaul.

The presentation will include a description of the Mine Louvicourt maintenance philosophy and organization, showing how planning, monitoring and follow up enable goals to be achieved.
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