Industry and Higher Education - Meeting the Needs of the Mining Engineering Sector

CIM Montreal 2003
Jessica Heuchan,
Abstract An industry survey has been conducted by the
Queen's University Mining Engineering
Department of 30 Canadian mining
organizations to determine how effectively
newly-graduated mining engineers meet the
needs of the industry. The principal objectives
of the survey were to evaluate, and thus
provide focus on change for, curricula being
taught at Canadian mining engineering
schools in service of the industry's needs; to
provide feedback on current industry
expectations; and to reinforce contacts with
the industry as a means of providing future
collaboration. A strong focus of the survey
was placed upon industry's perception of the
special attributes of engineering hires and
applicability of student academic training to
meet their industrial requirements. In
providing this detailed summary of corporate
responses, a clearer understanding of the
mining industry's expectations of engineering
training at Canadian colleges and universities
has been gained.

Keywords: Mining, universities, expectations, industry
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