Improving Reliability and Productivity Through Material Research: Past Present & Future

CIM Montreal 2003
Stefano Chiovelli, Mike Anderson,
Abstract The annual budget for the repair and maintenance of equipment at Syncrude Canada is in excess of 450 million dollars. Of this amount, a significant portion can be attributed to the loss of material on various pieces of equipment throughout the operation. In order to effectively battle the different wear and corrosion mechanisms that lead to material loss, it is important to understand how materials behave in the environments in which they are used. Through the work carried out at the Syncrude, and work conducted with various external collaborators, significant improvements in both equipment reliability and productivity have been achieved. This paper will review some recent field trails where materials research has demonstrated the potential for significant improvements in equipment run life and reduced maintenance costs. These field trails will demonstrate the need for understanding the interaction between various damage mechanisms and the materials used in different services. The paper will also discuss current areas of focus along with future directions for further work.
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