From the Industrial age to the knowledge age

CIM Montreal 2003
Abstract Wealth creation transformation has always been fueled by the rapid
exploitation of knowledge. Individuals or companies that have moved quickly
to productionise new methods or develop a new concept always capture the lions
share of any market. One Steel company in Canada has a motto "proven and
untried, buy two". They have taken this position because they know if they
can make new technology work before their competitors they will take the
dominant position in the market.

Knowledge Management is key to this transformation and Hewlett-Packard is a
global leader is the management of knowledge. HP has currently implemented
global knowledge management technology, communities and processes which is
giving it significant competitive advantage in the world today. Bill Dupley
will describe how HP manages both explicit and tacit knowledge management
assets in HP today and will describe how HP's approach to knowledge
management is enabling HP to create wealth.

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