Experimenting with the Implications of Telerobotics for Mining

CIM Montreal 2003
Abstract Telerobotics focused on mining is currently being introduced into production systems around the world. Mining companies in Canada, Sweden and Australia have tended to lead the international charge to this form of technology for mining. While this introduction is taking place a few basic questions have yet to be answered. How many machines can a single operator run? How many types of machines can a single operator run?

A new Canadian Research Chair in Robotics and Mine Automation has been established at Laurentian University. This chair will investigate these questions and many more through a series of experiments in a newly established telerobotics laboratory that connects Laurentian teleoperation workstations to model mining machines at Cambrian college’s E Dome. The laboratory will support many experiments allowing the researchers to physically run multiple robot scenarios differing the numbers and types of machines at one/sixth scale. As well experiments are being designed to investigate the potential for managing time delays in telerobotics. The paper describes the laboratory, experiments and some preliminary results.
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